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Education is the passport to the future

What we do

In an educationally challenged area of Kenya, we provide nursery and primary education for over 100 children in 2 centres, helping them to achieve and often exceed national standards.

Special Needs

Children with special needs are core to our purpose of inclusion.  With a qualified, dedicated teacher, they are supported to achieve the very best that they can.

Meet the Staff

Morning Star School and Nurseries has 12 dedicated staff under the leadership of Bishop Patrick Munyua. It prides itself on continuously building and strengthening our community of students, staff and families.


Feeding Programme
Due to endemic poverty, we also operate a feeding programme for the children, so they can be sure to get at least one nutritious meal each day

Nutritious Meal

£5    6 Euro    661KES

Will provide a nutritious midday meal and a going home snack for a month

School Uniform

£10    12 Euro    1322 KES

will provide a smart school uniform, so no child looks out of place



£15    17 Euro    1984 KES

will pay for life changing education for one child for a month

Currency conversions correct at time of publication

“Not all parents can afford all of the fees, although most pay some.  The remainder which enables the nursery and school to flourish comes from generous donors like you.”

Contact Us

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