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For more than 20 years, members, family, friends and others have assisted the Life Changers Church in the Nakuru area of Kenya with their programme to help in the development and education of some of the poorest children in the Nakuru area of Kenya. Many are from displaced families, orphaned or have a single parent. HIV Aids is very prevalent in the area

There are currently over 100 children between 2 and 13 years old in the 2 schools and nursery. In addition to a good basic, education, they also receive a substantial main midday meal plus a “going home” snack. While the children are at the day centre, their parents can use the time to supplement their meagre income. Whenever possible, parents who can afford it are encouraged to contribute to the cost of the care- whether financially or with their time, wood for the fire, cleaning, decorating etc

These centres have been extremely important in helping these children through the difficulties of recent politico/tribal conflicts which have devastated the area in recent years.

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